Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is the basis for a solid foundation that will assist with developing continuous improvement and monitoring staff performance management.

Mystery shopping is the most cost effective method of measuring customer service and is a fundamental part of managing client relationships.

Amvoc can tell you what needs fixing, what needs to change and what areas need tweaking in order to drive positive change.

If you are looking for a programme that will change the pattern of staff behaviour and fix any internal issues you are in the right place.

Let Amvoc make sure you are always ahead of your competitors by making you aware of any challenges you may encounter within your industry sector.

We will work closely with you to establish the parameters and criteria we have to work to in order to identify your requirements and meet your expectations. Once we fully understand what you want to achieve, a strategy will be developed by one of our experienced telemarketers.

You will gain a valuable insight into the activities of your staff and your competitors in a detailed and comprehensive report.

All the work we do is ethical, confidential and complies with the relevant guidelines so you can rest assured that you are providing exceptional customer service management without any risks.

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