Sales Promotion

Promotional Process

Changing consumer behaviour with sales promotional activity involves a high degree of skill, creativity and marketing expertise.

Choosing the right theme, the right rewards, simple redemption mechanics, advertising the offer, and timing the promotion all sound relatively easy steps to take.

The reality is somewhat different.

The margin between success and failure is tiny and the price in pounds sterling often huge.

Experience, understanding the target consumer,clearly defining objectives, and careful planning all help increase chances of success.

Amvoc have a wealth of experience in planning, organising and implementing sales promotional activity.

We have successfully operated in many different industries on many different platforms in a variety of countries.

Motivational Tools

Selecting the right product mix is essential.

Choosing “Once In A Lifetime” prizes does not necessarily guarantee success and can be cost prohibitive.

Sometimes simple solutions can be far more powerful.

We have pioneered some of the most exciting, memorable and adrenaline pumping third party promotions in sales history.

We have partnered some of Britain’s leading consumer brands to individually tailor customer incentive and reward programmes, with exceptional results.

Each new customer provides an exciting new challenge and more importantly, fresh opportunity to test the most powerful and imaginative marketing talent in the industry.

Most current promotions are not planned as branding exercises but as tangible profit-making marketing exercises.

The promotion has to produce quantifiable return.

Why not allow the experts to help?

Case Studies

January has arrived, its cold, wet, dark and miserable.

Very few people have any money left after Christmas and worse still – it is time to go back to work!

This is rarely a good retail time, full stop, but if you are an oil company, it can be even worse. January and February are the hardest of the year. + More

Visit England is the relatively new name for the English Tourist Board.

Visit England were developing a new profile across the country providing a contemporary image of holidaying in England.

Amvoc began working with Visit England with a piece of research work initially carried out to determine how best to communicate and therefore market the various attractions throughout the UK. + More

The AA is recognised as one of the most trusted and reliable brands in the UK.

Amvoc has become one of its key strategic partners over the past five years providing their membership and potential new members various promotional and PR opportunities. + More

Amvoc have developed a number of sales promotions that work simply through alignment with another key or partner brand.

Barclaycard were undertaking a major rebrand including new logo, products and customer proposition.

Jennifer Aniston fronted the above the line campaign, with huge investment being made both with national and regional television and radio + More

“Allied Domecq is currently the second largest wine and spirits company in the world, with more than 30 internationally recognised brands to its name. + More

Highlife Breaks was established 25 years ago in association with Thistle Hotels.

Setting its sights on the ‘UK’s Premier Short Breaks Provider’ title, Highlife offers inspiring breaks to both domestic and international destinations.

The company has more than 300 three to five star hotels at its finger tips in the UK – including Park Hotels, Britannia Hotels, Corus, Thistle, Hilton, McDonald, Swallow and Jury’s – and 10,000 worldwide. + More