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Product Descriptions

The text used in a product description has a multitude of benefits so it is important to get it right. Not only is the description of your product likely to make or break a sale, it is also an untapped opportunity for additional SEO marketing using particular sets of keywords. You can use your product description as part of your sales process in order to increase your conversion rates and attack long tail keywords.

If you have hundreds of pages of content relating to your product descriptions this could boost your Google rankings if they are properly optimised and populated with unique and distinguishable content.

Do pages and pages of boring technical data do it for you? No? Me neither! You need to have rich and inspiring content in your product description that will entice a viewer to make a purchase. It is essential that your product information is presented in sizable, user friendly and scannable sections. If further information is required about a particular product you can always introduce a FAQs section or a more in depth buyer’s guide.

Do you know what you want to say but struggle to put it into words?

Producing top quality, unique and user friendly copy is a time consuming task, especially when it comes to product descriptions. PLEASE resist the temptation to copy and paste the manufacturer descriptions in order to save time!

Regardless of the product you require a description for, the team at Amvoc can design a search engine optimised and sales-orientated product description that will prove to be the most beneficial for your company.

Amvoc has an entire team of talented and creative copywriters that have the time to design text for your product that is convincing and unique. All of our product description writers work in-house from the office so the team can bounce ideas off each other and work collectively to produce a literary masterpiece for you!

Do your existing product descriptions need a makeover? A dash of lip-gloss and some glittery eye shadow can work wonders! The team at Amvoc can update and liven up your existing product descriptions if you would like to give them a brand new style.

Are you ready to get the ball rolling?

You just need to complete a simple questionnaire so that Amvoc can define your individual content needs and evaluate your style preferences. The creation of your product description will then be left safe in the hands of our dynamic team.