Press Releases

Do you need free advertising?

Press releases are one of the most effective ways for a business to get their news across to a wider audience. It is certainly possible for a business to generate new and prosperous opportunities from the interest inspired by a press release.

Media coverage is, in effect, a form of free marketing so you need to release a press statement that will maximise the best chance of achieving results for your efforts. The media is always on the look out for stories that are relevant and interesting. Your press release will really have to sparkle to catch the eye of a journalist though.

In order for your press release to generate any interest whatsoever it will have to stand out amongst the ones released by your competitors and other companies in a similar field to yours. You will get short, sharp shrift from a journalist if you submit a trumpet blowing press release that serves as nothing other than a glorified advert. Harsh but true. Nothing screams ‘ignore me’ more than an advert attempting to disguise itself as a press release!

Press releases have to follow a standard industry structure in order for a journalist to be willing to read it further. If you submit a press release in the wrong format you are guaranteed to get the cold shoulder from the media. A journalist will want to assess your press release in a matter of seconds as they receive numerous submissions on a daily basis.

Despite the advice above, many businesses still find it hard to write a functioning press release that will attract the interest of a journalist. If you are struggling to write a press release in a journalistic style and in the correct format, you need to speak to one of the copywriting experts from Amvoc. The team at Amvoc can work closely with your business in order for you to get your press release published.

The experienced publishers at journalists at Amvoc will liaise closely with you in order to generate some headline grabbing press releases that attract attention from the right places.

Have you recently promoted an employee to a higher position in order to grow your business? Has your business been involved in a large and successful Charity Event? Moving Premises? Developed a new and innovative product that you need to share with the world?

Whatever you need to share with the media, Amvoc can create a press release for you that will appeal to even the most hardened journalists! Speak to us today to find out how we can offer you an extremely cost effective marketing tool that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.