Although 56% of all British businesses outsource, more than a third fail to get the benefits.

Most companies make the mistake of misunderstanding the difference between non core and non critical.

In outsourcing non core activities you may still be handing over responsibility for mission critical activities to third parties.

Companies talk to Amvoc about an outsourcing solution, when they want to:

To improve performance while increasing profitability.

To transform process and workflows to achieve rapid, sustainable improvements in enterprise-level performance.

To drive costs down while increasing scale and efficiencies

There are many factors to consider when choosing an outsource provider.

We believe that initial impact, attention to detail and continuity are three of the vital ingredients to success.

We have an excellent track record in this particular arena, which we believe is second to none, providing a wide range of outsourced marketing services for many organisations, including internationally recognised brands such as Virgin Balloon Flights.

How are we so successful?

We work extremely hard throughout the process – but the initial stages are vital – where we implement a 21 step project plan that takes care of most planned or unforeseen events.

We normally ask for defined trials so that both companies can genuinely understand if the relationship will work in the long term.

We believe this is common sense and reflects with “real partnerships” developing.

It is also important that you are dealing with an outsourcer that is prepared to be transparent in terms of the business, their risk and their provision to meet your needs.

Bundled outsourcing is an innovative approach to outsourcing that consolidates multiple business functions with a single service provider.

It can provide more significant and immediate cost savings and greater speed to value.

Over the long term, it allows an organization to continuously drive down costs, improve performance and gain global competitive advantages.

Bundled outsourcing also addresses the challenge of managing multiple providers and contacts.

It is easier to manage and measure because it creates standardized, repeatable processes under one integrated governance structure that ensures maximum performance at lower sustained costs.

Event Management

Organising any event is fraught with operational pitfalls.

We are experienced in delivering panic-free events, from straight-forward seminars to major corporate events such as company launches, new product and services, workshops and training seminars.

Working to the budget set, we will take the headaches out of any event by taking responsibility for everything from invitations, telemarketing, registration, to the food served, whether finger buffet or five course dinner.

Any event will be polished and professional with a trained eye for detail to ensure that the correct impression is given to customers and potential customers at all times, with a friendly sophisticated atmosphere.

Case Studies

“We are extremely proud of the relationship with have with Virgin Balloon Flights.

We started working with the brand in 2001 having initially developed their entire marketing strategy.

Since then we have devised, implemented and measured various campaigns on their behalf. + More

Cybertill provide a unique real time EPOS (Electronic point of sale system) that in summary can link a retailer’s till/s with stock, accounts and website.

It is a unique system in many ways and helps small to medium size retailers grow their businesses.

The way the system works, the functionality, price and reliability make it second to none in the UK market. + More

We now work with seven different divisions of the Epwin Group, providing them with a broad range of marketing services, from data cleansing, data sourcing, telemarketing, appointment setting and PR.

The Group had tried many different ways of solving their marketing needs both internally and externally, but struggled to find ways of making the costs justify the returns until we became involved. + More

The Enta Group is one of the UK's most dynamic companies in the Information Technology and related fields. It has expanded rapidly since being set up with just three employees by Chairman and Managing Director Jason Tsai in 1990. + More