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Newsletters & Emails

Although the overall appearance of your company newsletter is important, the written content in your newsletter is the biggest factor in making it a useful business tool. Understanding the concept of English grammar is not sufficient to write a successful newsletter. Your newsletter should be relevant, interesting, topical and easy to comprehend.

Define your audience

The content of your newsletter will depend on your target audience. Are you sending a newsletter to your employees or to your customers and prospective clients? If you are sending a newsletter to your customers you will need to ensure that you plan your newsletter so it connects with them on a personal level. Consider your demographics carefully! A monthly staff newsletter may not be of significant interest to your customers so you may have to consider sending the two separately.

Step outside the box!

When choosing what to put in your newsletters don’t just stay on safe ground. Research news articles and publications and find something that will appeal to your target audience. If you are writing a newsletter for a biotechnology company, as an example, you would include articles about recent developments in this field; Chemists at Johannes Gutenberg University have developed a new method for parallel protein analysis that is capable of identifying thousands of proteins. Fascinating (for a biochemist)! Maybe not so interesting to a car manufacturer; the production of a Maserati 4x4, however…

Variety is the spice of life (so they say!)

When you read a newspaper you will notice that each page contains a variety of different sections. You should apply the same principal to your newsletter. A full page of uniform text will not appeal nearly as much as various boxes that break up the layout. You can include tips, customer reviews, industry news, company news and a response section in your newsletter that will improve appeal and give you the chance to get a bit of something for everyone in there.

The most important thing to remember is to maintain your credibility by researching your topic carefully to ensure that you present accurate and correct information.

Find the time

Now this is where many businesses fail, even with the best intentions! You have to ensure you are committed to your readers, especially clients and customers. Sending out regular, industry focused newsletters can actually help retention and acquisition of business but you have to do it religiously!

At Amvoc we understand that those running a business are pushed for time and simply cannot commit to producing a newsletter to a deadline. Contact the experienced publishers and journalists at Amvoc if you would like to delegate the responsibility for getting your newsletter out on time, every time. Let the copywriting experts at Amvoc help you inspire your employees and customers alike!