Financial Services

Financial Services

Are you an independent financial advisor? Are you looking to increase the number of business opportunities that you have but don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to be able to do this effectively?

AMVOC has a dedicated team of professionals with the necessary experience to be able to generate qualified leads and appointments for financial advice firms who are looking for customers who have existing personal pensions and existing investments to take over the management of the funds. Our specialists can also assist with the regeneration of client banks – data cleansing these client banks and generating new business if there is any there.

Out team can contact potential clients directly by telephone, completing a short satisfaction questionnaire to obtain the information that is required by you, the IFA. Our professionals will work to ascertain whether or not the person or organisation is still the client of an IFA, if they have any ‘new business’ for the existing IFA and if there is any ‘new business’ for another IFA.

If there is business for another IFA, our professionals will also obtain the necessary information to determine if this business is available because the client wants to change their IFA or because their existing IFA no longer wants to deal with this client.

What are the benefits for an IFA?

AMVOC can help IFAs create new business appointments with warm clients, whom the IFA may not even have been aware existed. Our team can also help to determine how often, when and by what method clients and potential clients may wish to be contacted in the future, ascertaining any future needs of clients and also by providing an accurate status of the IFAs client bank.