Amvoc - Our Unique Approach

Amvoc has a pragmatic approach when it comes to brand communication and design.

Whether this be creating an entire advertising campaign for Allied Domecq, or a promotional mechanic for Barclaycard we apply something called predictive consumer insight – understanding unspoken needs.

Predictive Consumer Insight is more than analysis.

We explore and evaluate consumer attitudes, emotional needs and motivations before we begin any design process.

This way we can identify the potential for new, unique and meaningful emotional connections between the consumer and the brand.

Our insight work also correlates consumer desire to commercial realities.

This approach provides a very clear focus and a clearer design strategy, provides a direct relevance to the consumer.

Brand Identity

Our approach to brand identity combines the inspirational with the pragmatic.

We appreciate the management of an identity is a complex process and that no one can fully predict the needs and uses a brand may have in the future.

So an identity will evolve, responding to its market and position.

We provide brand owners with the consistency and flexibility required for a coherent identity.

Naturally, our designs aspire to communicate, inspire and connect with your consumers, the trade and everyone the brand touches.

Amvoc can provide a design package including logo, brochure, Stationery, advertising and magazine templates; a one stop shop for a business, reflecting their position in the marketplace a new product or service launch etc.

Amvoc enjoys a reputation for delivering on time and to budget; we will not spring any hidden costs in the production of the brand design and collateral.

Advertisement Design

From concept to presentational proofs, to final production and artwork delivery, our creative team will provide innovative solutions to all aspects of your advertising requirements.

We provide quality solutions that deliver thought-provoking, relevant and cost-effective communication.

Our staff pride themselves on being the very best in our business.

We use innovative “off the wall” design techniques, the very latest technology and some of the very best account managers to oversee each project.

Brochure Design

A brochure speaks volumes about your company, product and services.

It is one of the most critical business tools available to most organisations, even with the advent of the World Wide Web.

Recent research, in fact, indicates that more than 50% of the current UK adult population prefer hard copy brochures to surfing the net.

From initial concept, to graphic design and art direction, copywriting to final artwork, we know we will exceed your creative expectations.

Logo Design

Whatever your industry, the right company image is vital if your business is to develop and reach its full potential.

How many companies would you instantly recognise, and would spring to mind if you required their services, just because you see their logo and company colours day after day on signs, vehicles, flyers....

We don’t just make logos that look good.

Each of our designs is created to our client’s individual requirements to be memorable, to inspire customer confidence and to represent their business in the best possible light.

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Stationery Design

As a first line of communication between your company and any new contact, your stationery is often called upon to represent you and your organisation.

First impressions will inevitably be made from the moment the envelope is opened, or the card is handed over.

But does anyone really notice if you've taken the time to get your stationery professionally designed and printed?

Perhaps not. But you can be sure that they'll spot if you haven’t.

Think about it - would you be impressed if letters from your bank, or your solicitor, turned up on standard office paper with the name and contact details tucked in the top corner in standard print?

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Magazine Design

For many clients, their magazine is their livelihood and failure to publish on time will have severe consequences with their suppliers, distributors, advertisers and subscribers.

We have worked with projects ranging from small local publications and product-based periodicals through to major one hundred page plus monthlies with two-week deadlines.

Our specialist staff has also been chosen for their extensive experience prior to joining us.

We will manage and design your project from start to finish, and with unlimited page amendments at no extra cost you can be sure that you’ll be nothing less than totally satisfied with our work.

Folder / Holder Design

Whilst not offering the number of pages associated with a traditional brochure, document folders can accommodate other materials relevant to a particular recipient, thereby avoiding printing of multiple designs for different purposes.

Due to the heavy-duty nature of the folders (usually thick gloss board) they are durable and will likely be retained by your client or prospective client for some time.

If you are considering a brochure or folder design to promote your products or services, we’ll advise you on the best option to suit your requirements.

Leaflet Design

Leaflets are a great way to reach large numbers of your target audience with your name and message.

Due to the volume of leaflets that most people receive on a daily basis, it’s essential that the content is relevant to the reader and that the design is striking enough to hold their attention.

Our designs will be created to match the image of your company and the nature of the particular campaign.

Our designers have extensive experience in creating marketing materials, and with our unlimited revisions policy you can be sure you will be satisfied with the result.

Case Studies

Mangar, the leading designer and manufacturer of lightweight moving and handling equipment.

The firm has been designing, manufacturing and supplying life enhancing products for more than a quarter of a century. + More

“Allied Domecq is currently the second largest wine and spirits company in the world, with more than 30 internationally recognised brands to its name. + More

Amvoc have developed a number of sales promotions that work simply through alignment with another key or partner brand.

Barclaycard were undertaking a major rebrand including new logo, products and customer proposition.

Jennifer Aniston fronted the above the line campaign, with huge investment being made both with national and regional television and radio + More

“We are extremely proud of the relationship we have with Virgin Balloon Flights.

We started working with the brand in 2001 having initially developed their entire marketing strategy.

Since then we have devised, implemented and measured various campaigns on their behalf. + More

Ologic is a UK based independent company dedicated to repairing all current and earlier laptop brands at sensible prices.

The company’s services are available to individual and corporate users, as well as health, education and government departments. Ologic has premium reputation and is approved by the countries leading insurers.

Ologic have grown very rapidly due to their technical excellence and superb customer service, looking after some of the biggest and smallest computer retailers in the country as well as the individual computer user. + More