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News Feeds

There are numerous benefits to using an innovative News Feed as a way of communicating with everyone involved in your business from clients to shareholders. In order for a newsfeed to provide you with the maximum benefits, you need to customise yours so that you are broadcasting new, fresh and exciting topics that engage those in your desired market.

Daily, weekly or monthly News Feeds written to the highest editorial standards will capture and interest your target audience. A well animated and strategically planned News Feed can draw in your target audience and provide a stable platform for you to build your relationship with customers old and new.

News Feeds are a direct and immediate communication medium. With an up-to-date and regularly maintained News Feed you are able to deliver the latest information to your customers and stakeholders without a go-between.

A News Feed will have nothing other than a positive impact on your brand. We should know, this is what we do! The SEO & Copywriting experts at Amvoc are passionate about writing content for our customers that will reap the desired rewards. Our highly trained publishers and journalists will create a News Feed that works for your business that ensures you retain existing customers as well as acquire new ones.

In order to save you time and money, the copywriting specialists at Amvoc will analyse your website in order to identify the key areas that need enhancement. With the addition of your News Feed, Amvoc will be able to deliver and utilise a multi-platform tool in order for you to locate your target audience online and reach out to them in a number of areas. A strategically planned News Feed is also the basis for other content relating to blogs, PR activity and social media.

Your News Feed will enhance your presence online and will enable you to reach your desired goal within Google rankings. Once our experienced publishers start adding relevant, individual and interesting news stories to your website, you will soon discover that Google indexes your page more frequently.

So where do I start, you may ask?

Simple! Let the team at Amvoc run an enhancement review of your website in order to generate interesting and unique ideas that are important to your audience but are in keeping with your brand and the ethos of your company.