Call Centre Management

Call Centre Management

70% of new customers will hang up if the phone is not answered within 25 seconds

80% of potential customers will hang up if they get through to an answering machine

Most customers will continue to shop around after a poor call

Most consumers expect sales lines to be open out of hours and all weekend

Having a professional and service-focused approach right through from first enquiry to order, is what makes the difference between interest and business.

Although this sounds obvious, many companies find that no matter how hard they try to communicate their corporate message, it often gets mistranslated, which can be frustrating to say the least, feeling that something so easy, is in fact, proving so difficult.

We provide bespoke call centre solutions from sole trader response, to full UK 24 hour telephone answering service.

We carefully recruit, train and develop our own staff whose sole purpose is to provide you, our client, with an unsurpassed level of service – which in turn protects and develops your most important assets, your clients and new prospects.

How many times have you upset or lost customers and revenue by not answering the phone when they need you?

Imagine how much this must have cost you.

24 Hour Messaging

Most business customers need and expect rapid response from suppliers.

What better way to impress than being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year?

Out Of Office Hours

In today’s world a successful company must be ready to receive calls day or night particularly if it offers important or vital support services.

But whatever product or service offered, if demand rises or technical problems occur, customers want a rapid response whatever the hour – or your competition could benefit!

Daytime Message Handling

The telephone answering-machine is a convenient domestic device, but in a commercial setting it can be counter-productive.

Potential customers are often unsure whether their recorded message will be acted upon - and if their need is urgent they will often seek help elsewhere.

We offer a superb and extremely customer friendly call-handling service, that will reassure your customers and ensure you retain them.

Ideal for the smaller company, our service is a very simple and cost-effective way to keep your telephone lines manned throughout the day when you are either busy with other customers, in meetings, or desperately catching up with some rest!

We individually tailor each message handling service to ensure every call is greeted with the same opening welcome, and follow precise customer service steps thereafter guaranteeing excellent client feedback.

Seasonal Demand

Most organisations have periods when consumer demand increases dramatically, either through seasonal factors, the success of an advertising campaign, or some outside event which unexpectedly serves to promote the company’s product or services.

In such circumstances even the most efficient company can be briefly overwhelmed, and thus fail to capitalise on the potential of the moment.

At times such as these we can help to take the strain, and ensure that your company gains maximum advantage.

Sales and Ad Response

“We work with a whole range of small to medium size businesses providing powerful and effective solutions for your advertisement response.

However sales cycles are often complex and sometimes involve more than one call.

Choosing the correct partner is critical in handling such incoming traffic.

We have a very strong track record providing such services, from consumer based Virgin Balloon Flights to larger IT based multiple site retailers.

The end result means your calls are being answered by someone you can trust, who will reinforce your brand, make sure you never miss a sales call, and close that important deal.”

Case Studies

“We are extremely proud of the relationship with have with Virgin Balloon Flights.

We started working with the brand in 2001 having initially developed their entire marketing strategy.

Since then we have devised, implemented and measured various campaigns on their behalf. + More

Cybertill provide a unique real time EPOS (Electronic point of sale system) that in summary can link a retailer’s till/s with stock, accounts and website.

It is a unique system in many ways and helps small to medium size retailers grow their businesses.

The way the system works, the functionality, price and reliability make it second to none in the UK market. + More