Brochure Design

You only get one chance.

Sparkles, glitter and shiny pictures are all well and good in a brochure but if the text content is weak you might as well take your brochures straight from the printers and put them in the storeroom to keep the spiders company!

Your need to spend time making sure the text and content of your brochure is perfect in order to make a good impression and appeal to your target audience. The content and design of your brochure will tell your customers and prospective clients, at a glance, everything they need to know.

A well written brochure is an essential marketing tool and can be used to compliment your existing sales strategy. Your brochure will act as part of a complete sales strategy and should work in a supportive role. The worst thing you can do when designing a brochure is rely on it to be a standalone selling tactic - your brochure cannot close a sale by itself!

Whether a brochure is being designed for an SME or a multinational corporation, the same rules apply in terms of ensuring that the design does have an impact on the bottom line.

Do you really want to have an office full of redundant brochures gathering dust?

Boxes of unused brochures cluttering up the workplace are a tripping hazard apart from anything else. In order to avoid the risk of having to abandon your brochures in the nearest storeroom you need to speak to the best brochure copywriters in the business. The experienced publishers and copywriters at Amvoc have designed and crafted some of the most impressive brochures in existence.

With our sales experience and vast knowledge of the consumer market, the team at Amvoc will create a brochure for you that will appeal to your readers and help you boost your revenue. It really will be spectacular, of that you can be assured!

In order for Amvoc to help you turn your brochure into your company’s best friend, we will have to establish what role your brochure is to play in the buying process. Different techniques need to be applied depending on the function of the brochure.

A brochure is a brochure, right? Surely they are all the same?

No. You can have the hottest brochure in existence but if it does not do its job it is doomed! Your brochure will have to fulfil its purpose in order for you to see the maximum benefits so you need to think about your sales process and establish where it will prove to be the most beneficial.

Some businesses require a brochure that they can leave behind after making contact with a potential customer whereas others may want a brochure to send out in response to an enquiry. The team at Amvoc will be able to analyse your sales process in order to establish what type of brochure you need.

It is extremely important that you know your audience so that your brochure can be designed accordingly. With such vast experience in the copywriting and brochure design arena, Amvoc will be able to perfect your pitch so it appeals to the right target market.

Confused? Contact Amvoc and let our team design the ultimate marketing tool for your business.