What Can Advertising Do For You?

Where would you start when looking to advertise?

It can be a daunting task and one that requires years of experience and savvy in understanding where the best return for your money can be found.

TV audiences are now so diverse and fickle in terms of loyalty.

Radio listeners so varied.

Traditional newspapers and magazines going through such transition.

Social media at such embryonic stages to provide any irrefutable statistics on return on investment?

The internet seemingly where such huge sums are spent by so many?

Where should our budgets be allocated now?

Amvoc have conceived and delivered some of the most inspired advertising campaigns across all aspects of the media for companies with diverse consumer demographics.

If you want to make an immediate impact, we can develop a focused campaign, designed to deliver product sales or brand awareness.

Amvoc undertakes to provide a SWOT analysis of what is most successful in your marketplace and where you sit in your world.

This will often provide the fresh insight required to focus on your relevant audience in the most effective fashion.

An example of this was moving a national recruitment company away from their wasteful spend in unnecessary publications into outdoor screen advertising in railway stations, shopping centres and other people intensive hubs.

Amvoc secured a massive reduction in on-going costs and actually reached 4 times the number of people at the point when the consumer was genuinely receptive to the message.

Finally, the beauty of such a campaign was that it was completely measurable due to the nature of the medium and footfall monitoring in the different environments.

Securing Media Space

It is essential that any agency or company booking advertising space is extremely knowledgeable in the particular marketplace or environment it is operating in.

Market data, trends, target media, advertising planning and timing, are all critical to any successful campaign.

Each piece of media space must justify its outlay.

We provide a comprehensive media buying service purchasing from all major press, outdoor, radio, social, internet and TV media houses in the UK, both nationally and regionally.

Outdoor Media

We can plan and purchase media for all outdoor activity from hot air balloons to posters, billboards, tubes, buses and trains, to mention just a few.

We also have enormous experience with other more unusual forms of outdoor media including petrol forecourts, pub retail estates, national scratch card schemes, overhead blimps and corporate contra branding.

TV and Radio

Television advertising can be particularly expensive.

Design, planning and execution must be meticulous to insure success.

The choice of TV and Radio opportunity today is vast - the returns often extremely varied.

Researching each potential avenue, weighing up pros and cons, evaluating potential risk and rewards are something we believe we are very good at.

We have years of expertise putting together both regional and national campaigns including overseeing film design and production.

Social Media

There are many myths, claims and counter claims made about the merits and ROI from social media platforms.

Amvoc have tested and thoroughly evaluated all social media avenues and are confident that we can lead you through this relatively new area for advertising - whatever product or service you wish to market.

The Internet

Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click strategy.

Providing massive return per pound spent is something Amvoc are very proud of - we have shown huge profits in a wide variety of industry.

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Case Studies

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