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Advertising Campaigns

Long gone are the days of clichéd and predictable adverts. If you want to advertise your products or services in the modern world you need to be inspiring and show that you are passionate about what you have to offer. There are now millions of businesses in the world, many of them offering the same product or service, so you have to make sure that you stand out in the crowd.

You can do this by producing a unique, bold and thought provoking advert. Advertising covers a whole host of media formats including banners, radio, magazines, newspapers, websites, television, leaflets and even signs on the side of London busses.

The male peacock is beautiful bird with a fan-like crest of spatula-tipped wire-like feathers that bear spectacularly coloured eyespots. Where am I going with this, you may ask? The stiff and elongated feathers on a peacock’s tail are raised into a fan and displayed during courtship. The micro structures in the plumage create an amazing optical phenomenon. You are now wondering how on earth this can relate to an advertisement?

Your ad will have to be visually attractive in order to catch the eye of your audience, just like a peacock will have to display his plumage to attract a mate. The point is you will have to produce an extravagant display in order for your ad to stand out amongst the rest and ensure that a prospective client chooses your product or service.

A beautifully designed logo is not the only aspect of your add you should focus on, however. The text in your advert is as important as its overall appearance.

It’s not easy to fit everything you want to say about your business into just a few words and you have to avoid the temptation to over stuff your advert. Some of the most memorable and successful adverts are just a few words long. You need an ad that is accurate, to the point and engaging.

You need to focus on what makes your company so great. Is it your low prices? Are you the only one in the UK to provide a certain product? Free shipping? Have you developed a new product that will save hours of manual labour? Whatever it is that makes your business unique, you have to emphasise this to stand out amongst your competitors.

With countless successful ad campaigns under our belt for some of the biggest brands in the UK, the advertising experts at Amvoc are confident that we can design an ad that will make your business appeal to customers.

If you would like an attention grabbing and memorable ad designing for your company, you should speak to the advertising experts at Amvoc so that we can start generating ideas that will blow your mind!