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Proof Reading & Editing

Have you checked you’re documents carefully?

Looks awful, doesn’t it? Imagine if you were to send something similar to a client or, even worse, print 5000 brochures with such a simple mistake in! A rogue apostrophe or comma can literally ruin a masterpiece!

Surely you must have heard about the panda that walked into a café, ordered a sandwich, pulled out a gun then shot the waiter? When the waiter asked the panda what was going on, the panda tossed a poorly punctuated wildlife book at him. The waiter finds an explanation for the panda’s behaviour when he reads the entry in the wildlife manual: “Large black and white mammal native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves.”

Spelling mistakes are generally obvious when the text is written on a Microsoft Word document or similar; there really is no ignoring the angry red underlines that any highlight spelling errors. More complex grammatical, typographical or contextual errors may not be as visible to the untrained eye.

If your business is publishing any text including documents, publicity material, newsletters, reports or emails, you need to be able to identify errors and amend them accordingly. It is extremely important you take the time to check documents before they are finalised, printed, published or posted.

Amvoc can guarantee you 100% satisfaction if you decide to use the proofreading services offered by our team of experts.

Amvoc has proof read and perfected documents for businesses and professionals, including senior academics, from a variety of different industry sectors. We have edited dissertation papers, PhD theses, conference papers, staff hand books, legal documentation, books, essays and a whole host of other professional documents.

All of our proof readers have a minimum of five years’ experience and are highly qualified native English speakers. As well as possessing the requisite qualifications, all of our proof readers have to pass a rigorous entry assessment.

Our fees are charged at a flat rate per thousand words so you will know exactly how much your editing will cost in advance. Amvoc can thoroughly review all of your documents, day or night and will meet any deadline depending on the size of your document.

The expert proof readers at Amvoc can provide you with two levels of service. A level one service is a clarity check for spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammar errors and typographical errors. A level two service will incorporate the services of a level one service with the added benefit of content editing and rewriting.

Your document will be proofread using the “track changes” function in the review tab on a Microsoft Word document. This means you will be able to follow the modifications that have been made and you also have the option to accept or decline any amendments.

Test the team at Amvoc today; we can even accept documents within the hour if yours requires urgent attention.