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Does size really matter?

At Amvoc we have decided that size is not really all that important. Being the biggest is nice, but we prefer to be the best at what we do! Although Amvoc is expanding rapidly as a company (in terms of size), our success is growing with us at the same rate. In the last few years Amvoc has grown in leaps and bounds so I think now is the time to say a big well done and thank you to all involved in helping the business blossom, although we are already very well rewarded for our efforts.

I am sure everyone will agree with me here, one of the reasons we work so hard and produce the best results is the fact we work for such a great MD. Damian’s passion and drive towards his goal of growing the greatest marketing consultancy in Yorkshire rubs off on all of us. His enthusiasm for Amvoc corporate outings does not go unnoticed either! I would personally like to thank Damian on behalf of everyone for our recent Amvoc event to the races – champagne, three course dinner and a fancy marquee included! I considered posting some photos from the races with this blog but I may save those for a later date!

If we didn’t work for such a great business I think the characters and personalities within the company would be somewhat impeded. However, left to our own maverick devices by a boss that trusts us to do what we do best, we are able to keep the atmosphere and creativity within the office very much alive. Let’s keep it that way! After a recent management meeting – important topics discussed first, of course - we brainstormed ideas about the next event we have to look forward to.

I can now reveal our next corporate function is going to be spectacular (when are they not!?). We are going… to Ireland (Dublin, where else?)… On a ferry (travel sickness sufferers beware!)… To sample the delights the city has to offer... Guinness to be precise! Watch this space camera will be at the ready.


Did you read the blog title and feel compelled to read further? I can imagine you did! There is an art to capturing your audience and delivering exciting, interesting or new information that encourages further reading. The blog above was released not long after our trip to the races and what a great reward it was!

A blog is, in effect, whatever you want it to be. A blog can be an outlet for your own personal thoughts, a memo to everyone, a political battle field or a space for updating new information.

There are no clearly defined rules when it comes to writing blogs; there are millions of them and each one starts as a blank canvas ready to be filled with the writers thoughts. A regularly updated blog can also be an essential business tool. With a blog you can inform your target audience if you have recently been involved in any charity events, if you have launched a new product range, if you have discovered the introduction of a new law that may impact upon your customer’s interests or if you have recently had another fabulous corporate day out. New blogs appear at the top of every website which means your visitors or followers can read what’s new.

Do you want to blog but lack the time?

Leave your blogging in our hands. Amvoc can focus on your business’s ethos and write a blogging journal that will appeal to your existing market and capture the attention of your desired market. The experienced and internet hardy publishers at Amvoc will get to know your business before creating a blog strategy that will share your experiences and passions with your target audience. With your input combined with detailed research of the internet, Amvoc can create a blog rich with news, information and appealing topics that will be attractive to all of your audiences. We can also open the door to many opportunities with blogging including social media brand development. Talk to us today to arrange a consultation that will do nothing but inspire.